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What is or was the Forgotten Film Gallery?

June 7, 2014

the Forgotton Film Gallery

The Forgotten Film Gallery was a web based documentary and video art installation project created by G. Correli which planned to showcase a collection of films from various video and sound artists dealing with interpretation of the forgotten and the indefinite time period during and after the present. The Forgotten Film Gallery also attempted to link the past, present and future using unique areas of the Mojave desert region and the World Wide Web as it’s gallery installation space.

The goal for the Forgotten Film Gallery was to unite the new with the old. Link the past to the future using the remoteness of the desert as the gallery space and the world wide web as a platform to share non commercial video-films with the public. Since 2012 the Forgotten Film Gallery has found many new hidden venues to show films. Not only the lonely desert a thankful audience now the California coast has been calling for video art dates.  

What is the goal now for the Forgotten Film Gallery? To continue utilizing the obscurity of the environment as a patient and appreciative audience. What has been the impact of the Forgotten Film Gallery since 2012? A contemporary artist is still creating freely and showing work without fear of rejection.  Has sharing these films to obscurity allowed the general public to recognize and value the importance of our under appreciated past and present natural environment? Yes and no. Still trying to figure it out. Stay tuned more to learn.

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