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Episode 3. Hidden Hills Ranch-Cathedral Canyon At One Time

April 10, 2012

The only Hidden Hills Ranch – Cathedral Canyon video on You-dube I can find from the past. Not sure about the UFO bit at the end. ha. Was made around the year 1993 after Roland Wiley’s death. Before the Cathedral was thrashed. Roland was the man I told you about in an earlier blog post. Roland Wiley constructed Cathedral Canyon out of rocks on his 15 thousand acre Hidden Hills Ranch around 1960. A sign at the top of the canyon, written by Wiley, once read “Lest we forget, the true value of our coming to this place lies not in finding a new landscape but in having new eyes. It is my hope that this cathedral under the skies will give to you a set of new eyes, and a whole new way of seeing things.”

Internally what I have learned from the past is hard for me to put in words without being misunderstood. I’ll try to see and speak with new eyes Roland. Queho: Please forgive my pilgrim progressive English limitations. Trying not to give up. Expect many revisions. -g

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