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Episode 5. Queho

April 18, 2012

A few blog posts ago I mentioned “Queho” To some people such as Roland Wiley (creator of the Cathedral in Hidden Hills) Queho was remembered as the last renegade Indian.
The mystery of the elusive Queho (pronounced Key-Ho), continues to be debated as to whether Queho was a evil half breed Indian or just an abused misunderstood man. Queho was blamed by Nevada law officers for many unsolved killings. Most of the unsolved crimes were against mineral miners and prospectors.
Queho eluded capture for almost forty years until Queho’s bones were found in a cave at Black Mountain Canyon, Nevada by prospectors. When a reward for finding Queho was ignored. Queho’s remains were sold to Frank Wait. Frank Wait was a law officer who for years tried to capture Queho and bring him to “justice.” Frank sold Queho’s remains to the Las Vegas Elks Club (a charity-patriotic social club) Queho was displayed as a carnival attraction during the Helldorado (a yearly entertainment event in Las Vegas sponsored by the Las Vegas Elks Club) The Elks recreated a model of Queho’s cave and enclosed it in glass. Queho was on exhibit for twenty years and sometimes rode in the back of a convertible during the Helldorado parade. When the Elks Club no longer wanted Queho’s remains, Queho was given to the Nevada Museum of Natural History where he remained until the mid 1970’s. Roland Wiley purchased Queho’s remains and finally gave Queho a proper burial. Queho is currently buried at Hidden Hills overlooking the Cathedral Canyon.

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