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je répète by H.D.LANGE

April 11, 2013

the Forgotten Film Gallery 2013 (Part 1)

April 8, 2013

By now I should share the beginning timeline for the 2013 Forgotten Film Gallery.   More films with the lonely desert and the critters again. This time started with an old jail in Tecopa and part of an abandoned resort facing the Soda Dry Lake. Robert Fulton, manager of Cal Sate University Desert Studies Center welcomed us including myself, family artist Fred L’Epee and our films as the Desert Research Center’s guests. He also gave a candid interview concerning some of the environmental challenges facing the Soda Mountains and the Mojave. More on that later along with more films and story stand tuned…

Highlights from this segment include:
He Thinks of Her While Smoking a Cigarette Soundtrack by Cis Minor
Faites vos jeux (English titles) by Swoon
Some days ago by Erick Flores Garnelo
Pattern Recognition by Punkomat
South West of the Lizard by Jason Marsh
ΙΚΑΡΟΣ – The Drowning by Roland Quelven
Nevermore by Maria Korporal
Altar of Sacrifice by Kent Tate
je répète by H.D. Lange
Absent Voices 5/ Yesterday’s Noise by Alastair Cook
Distorted Time by Rasoul Moareknejad

ADAGIO by István Horkay music by Tania Giannouli

April 2, 2013
gallery 5 tonopah

The initial plan was to first visit the town of Goldfield NV., then screen films in Goldfield. Although, most all signs on many of the old structures in the small town of Goldfield said: “Private Property NO Trespassing.” Goldfield no longer felt to me as a ghost town as it once did.  The decision was made to pass through. Decided on Tonopah instead.  ADAGIO was shown at night to myself and the crickets with a silent wood strip verbena penetration inside Gallery 5.  A former building structure near a mine in Tonopah, NV. Thursday March 27, 2013.

Classical Liz by jon obsworth

March 28, 2013

jon obsworth is the name of a animation character from wornlimproject
External Links:
“Individual Awareness through Creative Expression”
While developing wornlimproject.
the aim was to inspire people to express themselves creatively.
The objective was accessibility… to create from nothing, “cost wise.”
The software used in the project was all free.
non commercial
wornlimproject is a development of creative expression
using basic animation techniques
“individual awareness through creative expression,”

Leaving for Goldfield in the morning. More films to screen in forgotten galleries. Glad to be leaving the depressing house for a few days. Canine euthanasia was not planned for today or maybe it was.
IMG_7243 lambchop for web
R.I.P. 3-28-13 Lambie Chopie I miss you.

The Forgotten Film Gallery 2013

March 26, 2013


Another year has passed. Weather is now mild here in the Mojave. A perfect time for myself to screen some films in the desert. Starting again today I will blog my experience and observations as if I never stopped.

Episode 10. Research advocate Brian Brown of Amargosa Conservancy voices concerns over large for profit solar projects

May 23, 2012

Bright Source Energy has plans for Hidden Hills and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, not sure what will happen to Queho’s grave or the Cathedral. Resource Advocate Brian Brown of the Amargosa Conservancy discussing concerns over large for profit solar projects in the Southwest Mojave and Amargosa region. Soundtrack by Dirk Driesen Aka BpOlar Olibanum

Episode 9. Finale at the Cathedral

May 22, 2012

The crickets were crazy! Their concerto was loud to our delight. Was sad to leave them. We promised the critters the gallery will be back. More forgotten places soon. till then friends…

Highlights from this segment include:
Shards of Colour by Barbara De Dominicis and Ginnetta Correli
Informed of Stretch by Jason Marsh
Agnus Dey by H. D. Lange
“my favorite color was blue” by H.D. Lange
man with movie camera _compilation_ BpOlar soundtrack
The Big Picture by Fabio Scacchioli
Concerto by The Crickets

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